January 15, 2022

Leading in Color Newsletter

January 2022

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and the Restorative Power of Movement

January is a month of many meanings for me. It is a new year, and my resolve to refresh and engage in Chicago United’s many initiatives is important to me. It is also a time of cooling weather, reflection, rejuvenation after the holidays, and finding new strength and continued resolve in the face of sometimes-difficult headlines. However, January also brings me a great reminder of hope. January is the birth month of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., a man who stood for justice, peace, and higher moral ground. 

Chicago United’s history traces back to the tragic death of Dr. King. His mission of equality is what drives our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. His leadership, vision, and commitment continue to inspire me, and everything I do as a CEO and President at Chicago United. He is a hero, a leader, and the grand exemplar of the American Civil Rights movement, and Dr. King is why we continue to focus on Chicago United’s movement. Our future will forever be a testament to his life. Join us in our ongoing journey to live up to his ideals, in boardrooms, corporate suites, and minority business development.

Dr. King is why Chicago United will continue to focus on this important notion of movements in 2022. The idea that people can achieve great things when they come together.  We begin the year with strategic planning that will be our north star for the future. 

Join us in reflecting on the grandeur and greatness of Dr. King, this year, and every year. 

MLK Day 2022: Continuing the Movement through Service

On MLK Day we honor Reverend Martin Luther King Jr's life and legacy. We invite you to continue building the movement and encourage you to join in an act of service for others. To find a volunteer project near you visit: www.chicago-united.org/MLKDay.

Doris Salomón has been promoted to Vice President of Programs and Initiatives

We're pleased to announce that Chicago United's Doris Salomón has been promoted from Director of Programs to Vice President of Programs and Initiatives. Chicago United recognizes Doris for her passion, hard work, and is excited to have her continued leadership in member programming and the Corporate Inclusion Institute. Congratulations! Learn more about her work at chicago-united.org.

We've Moved to a New Office Location

We are proud to announce that due to our growth, we have moved to a new location. We have moved our office to 300 East Randolph Street, Suite 40.200, Chicago, IL 60601-5075. Please update your records accordingly. We look forward to working together from our new location.

Enrollment is still open!

Cohort V of the Corporate Inclusion Institute starts February 4! 

Join organizations like Abbott Laboratories, ComEd, Delta Dental, The Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, HealthCare Service Corporation, Nicor Gas, The Options Clearinghouse Corporation, and Wintrust Financial. Enroll the next community of transformative leaders in Cohort V of the Corporate Inclusion Institute (CII) now!  

To learn more or sign up for an information session, contact Doris Salomón, Director of Programs, at dsalomon@chicago-united.org for more information.

Enroll your company’s team members now in Chicago United’s game-changing diversity, equity and inclusion program. We enhanced the curriculum to include learning opportunities for all Inclusion Cluster members, which is proving to have an impact on the cross-cultural competency and self-awareness of business leaders from across the organization. 

Based on new data from Cohorts I-IV:

  • Satisfaction with the program is high with CII faculty, content, and applicability, averaging a 4.5 rating on a 5-point scale;
  • Coaching relationships averaged a 4.7 rating on a 5-point scale and deemed extremely valuable; and,
  • Approximately 70% of Corporate Guides and Fellows who graduated from the program, showed significant improvement in their cultural competency scores from the Intercultural Development Inventory.

Based on survey responses from Cohort I-III graduates. 45% of participants from Cohort I-III who responded to CII surveys have been promoted within their companies.

For additional information on Cohort V’s curriculum and session schedule, please click on the links below:

Congratulations to 2005 Business Leader of Color Smita N. Shah for being nominated by President Joe Biden to serve as a Commisioner of the President’s Advisory Commission on Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians, and Pacific Islanders.

Corporate Inclusion Institute

Cohort V – Kick-Off

Feb. 4, 2022


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