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Our Mission is to achieve parity in economic opportunity for people of color by advancing multiracial leadership in corporate governance, expanding the talent pipeline for executive-level management, and growing minority businesses.


Chicago United Members Range From Emerging Businesses to Fortune 500 Companies


Support, Educate, Connect

C-Suite Sessions

C-Suite Sessions (formerly the CEO Roundtable Series) is an exclusive series of four panel discussions focused on “Elevating Equity in Business,” led by senior leaders who are implementing innovative strategies within their respective industry.

Business Leaders of Color

A program that identifies candidates for corporate Board of Directors’ positions.

Minority Business Partnership including The Five Forward Initiative TM

Chicago area corporations who select five local minority firms and commit to helping them develop and grow.

Inside Inclusion

A research publication that provides a complete review of the status of diversity and inclusion progress in Chicago.

Employee Resource Group Symposium

Best practices from experts on creating models for highly effective resource groups.

Diversity Officer Roundtable Series

Peer-to-peer learning sessions focused on current trends and leading practices.

Corporate Inclusion Institute

A talent development program that drives business performance through inclusion.


Support, Educate, Connect

Members come to Chicago United for un­paralleled, honest, and candid discussions of race and ethnicity in business. Some have earned national accolades for their efforts to promote multiracial leadership by leveraging best-in-class diversity and inclusion practices. Others may be implementing first-time programs and processes. Regardless of where they are on the curve, every member contributes to the environment and learns ways to optimize their businesses through their participation.


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