Inspiring a Culture of Inclusion

Annual Report 2021

Our Mission


Chicago United’s mission is to achieve parity in economic opportunity for people of color by advancing multiracial leadership in corporate governance, expanding the talent pipeline for executive-level management, and growing minority businesses.

Chicago United is committed to creating a stronger, more inclusive business culture throughout Chicagoland. Our membership includes many of Chicago’s most accomplished leaders from various professional backgrounds, and our member companies range from large, mid-, and small-sized businesses to minority-owned businesses and civic and nonprofit institutions.

Our research and programming provide these leaders and our member companies the tangible data, tools, and insights needed to empower established and emerging business leaders to increase diversity, equity and inclusion efforts within their organizations.

Chicago United’s Initiatives, Programs, and Events:

  • The Bridge Awards Dinner
  • Business Leaders of Color Publications
  • Inside Inclusion Featuring the Corporate Diversity Profile
  • The Minority Business Partnerships Program including The Five Forward Initiative™
  • Corporate Inclusion Institute
  • Chicago United Member Programming
  • Chicago United Annual Meeting

Chicago United is supported in part through funding provided by Surdna Foundation.

A Year of Progress and building A CULTURE OF INCLUSION

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Nearly 100

Member companies including Fortune 500, large, mid- and small-sized businesses, minority-owned businesses, as well as civic and nonprofit institutions.

495 Professionals

 from the Chicagoland area attended a Chicago United Program.

Over 20 Programs

were held where attendees learned, collaborated and engaged with peers, and ultimately lead transformative change throughout Chicago’s business ecosystem.

Our Leadership

Guided by Passionate Leadership

Leaders of Chicago United are some of the most respected in their fields, offering decades of experience and perspective gained from dedicating their careers to ensuring diversity, equity and inclusion.

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Jane Doe
SVP, DEI | Widget Company

Make a Meaningful Impact

Every day, Chicago United helps bring transformative change to the Chicagoland region impacting the lives of the underrepresented with the help of our generous supporters. Stand with us.