Cultivating a Thriving Minority Business Community






Under our 3-Year Strategic Plan, Chicago United’s Minority Business Partnership Program, which includes The Five Forward Initiative, expands our area of focus to a holistic approach to help minority businesses grow. 

As revealed during the COVID-19 pandemic and through the trends of the last 10 years, we can see how minority businesses have been disproportionately affected. Through the Minority Business Partnership Program, Chicago United collaborates with strategic partners to provide MBEs programming, workshops and advice on capacity building. Additionally, we connect MBEs with capital and government assistance for growth opportunities and strategic alliances.

Through The Five Forward Initiative, Chicago United continues to engage the corporate community in our common goal of strengthening the local economy and enhancing job creation. We work one-on-one with a corporation to develop a customized plan that supports your business’ diversity goals.

To see more growth in the number of MBE launches and partnerships.

Goal #1: Restructure The Five Forward Initiative and expand Minority Business Partnership.

Goal #2: Create a directive approach and customized plan for each partnership.

Goal #3: Connect MBEs to business development resources.





The Minority Business Partnership Program which includes The Five Forward Initiative™ is supported in part through funding by
Nicor Gas

The Minority Business Partnership Program, which includes the Five Forward Initiative™ is the proud recipient of a grant from
The Allstate Foundation

For Details On THE Minority Business Partnership PROGRAM,
Please Contact:

Debbie Cortez
Director of Minority Business Partnership
(312) 977-3061