April 13, 2023

Chicago United Releases Inside Inclusion

Chicago United has released Inside Inclusion featuring the Corporate Diversity Profile. This bi-annual study is the most comprehensive analysis of the progress of diversity, equity and inclusion at the highest levels in Chicago’s top corporations and is the first assessment of Chicago’s business environment following the COVID-19 pandemic, social unrest, and the workforce’s reassessment of career goals.

Inside Inclusion evaluates the top-level findings on gains and losses in diverse representation in leadership in the city’s top 50 publicly held corporations and examines current trends affecting the executive suites and the talent pipeline. Each of the report’s three main sections—The Landscape, The Great Reassessment, Resignation, and Reshuffle, and The Labor Market Recovery—begins with “Bottom Line on Top,” a summary of key findings explored within.

“This study reveals that corporations—most notably Chicago United Member Companies—are making progress at instituting diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives but there is much more work to be done,” says Tiffany Hamel Johnson, President and CEO of Chicago United. “While impressive advancements have been revealed for certain demographics since the release of our last comprehensive study in 2020, this edition of Inside Inclusion reveals we have fallen back in others. The data also reveals this, along with the post-COVID business climate, has influenced young professionals of color and minority-owned businesses. Through Chicago United’s programming and initiatives, we can navigate this new business environment and develop goals and strategies that will lead to transformative change within companies.”

Inside Inclusion featuring the Corporate Diversity Profile was produced with the following organizations that provided research expertise and support: The Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, Great Cities Institute of the University of Illinois at Chicago, and Parker Williams Consulting. Please click here to download a copy of the report.

About Chicago United
Chicago United is a corporate membership organization, advocate, and thought leader committed to advancing multiracial leadership in corporate governance, executive level management and in minority business partnerships. Our vision is to transform the Chicago region into the most inclusive business ecosystem in the nation. Founded in 1968, the organization engages the top publicly and privately held corporations in leading talent management and inclusive diversity practices. Chicago United’s signature programs include the Business Leaders of Color honor and publication, showcasing a diverse pool of corporate board of director candidates; the Minority Business Partnership Program featuring the Five Forward Initiative™, designed to invigorate job creation in communities of color by increasing the scale of Minority Business Enterprises in the Chicago region; Inside Inclusion featuring the Corporate Diversity Profile; and the Corporate Inclusion Institute (CII), the first-ever citywide business talent development program. Visit www.chicago-united.org.
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